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the most popular cryptocurrency(bitcoin) in the world increased by more than 5% and reached $ 49,106.
Bitcoin continues to regain its position in the cryptocurrency market.
At the end of sunday trading, the unit value of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world increased by more than 5% and reached $ 50086.20.
the bitcoin rate dropped slightly then rose again and at the time of publication, the cryptocurrency was trading at $50086.20 per unit.
It is worth noting that relative to the annual low of the bitcoin price of $ 27,734, which took place on January 4, the cryptocurrency rose by 77.4%.
Also, a slight increase – by 3.03% – ended the week for the second most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum.
Recall that in April of this year, a historical maximum of the value of bitcoin was set.
Last week, the success of Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies contributed to the fact that the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market again exceeded $ 2 trillion.
not only Bitcoin showed good results, but also Ethereum, Binance Coin, XPR and Dogecoin.
Dogecoin gained 12.5% ​​in a day and is now worth $ 0.325
Dogecoin capitalization is $ 42.5 billion.
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