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How to Delete Instagram

Instagram is a photo sharing social media application. Allows you to take photos, edit and share them with friends. You follow a variety of accounts to populate your News Feed. Similarly, other accounts also want to stay updated with your d
Deleting Instagram means that all the information entered in it will not be able to come back.
That is, once you delete the pictures and all the information that you have put here, then you will lose your hands.
This is the reason why this social media gives you a chance to temporarily disable Instagram.
So that you can restore it later when you feel like it and access your valuable photos and important information again.
To deactivate your account, go to Instagram and log in. Select your profile and then choose the Edit Profile option:
Now first select the Temporarily Disable My Account option, then approve your choice by entering the password:
Once this process is completed, your account will no longer be visible. This means that other users will not be able to see or interact with your previous posts.
However, the moment you want, and decide, you can reopen your account. You will always have the option to reactivate the account.
If you have temporarily disabled your account, you can recover the profile and all previously posted statuses by reactivating them.
But if you have permanently deleted your Instagram account, then your account cannot be recovered.
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