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Instagram users will be able to post 60 second video in Stories

Instagram Instagram has started testing a major update for its Stories platform. This will allow users to post videos of up to 60 seconds in Stories. This feature was noticed by an Instagram user in Turkey.
According to Matt Navara, a well-known social media consultant, Instagram has started notifying some users about the new change.
It is worth noting that currently any video longer than 15 seconds on Instagram is divided into different stories.
This causes problems for users when they tag users in the story. The update will fix this problem.
Recently Instagram has also improved the 'Link Sticker' Link Sticker feature through custom text and color options.
Users who now want to share the link on Stories can also share it by writing personalized text along with the link with the help of these stickers.
Users can also highlight links by customizing the color when posting stories.
Instagram started rolling out the 'Instagram Badge' in November. By showing this, users can support creators during live video.
Users 18 years of age and older with more than 10,000 followers in select regions will be able to use the Instagram badge.
Badges once purchased will appear along with comments during the live cast.
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