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What is two step verification ( 2 step verification )

Now-a-days, everyone enables two-step verification (2 Step Verification) to keep their account safe, this feature is used in every online thing nowadays, such as online transaction, ie if you use your debit card.
To protect your email account from being hacked, two-step verification is used in WhatsApp, Facebook etc.
Two Step Verification, which we also call Two Factor Authentication, it is a security layer which makes your account like bank account email account etc.
What is Two Step Verification ( 2 Step Verification )?
Most people keep their password the same in every website so that your account can be easily hacked, if any hacker comes to know about your password, then he can easily hack all your accounts,
then here 2 Step Verification is very useful if you have enabled two step verification and any hacker knows your password then that hacker still cannot hack your account because hacker will have to go through 2 step verification to access the account
You must have heard about OTP, which we call One Time Password, then understand that this is two step verification OTP, your mobile number is registered in two step verification i.e.
Two-step verification ( 2 Step Verification ) work (work) How does
if Any user has your password and he logs in with id and password, after that an OTP code comes in your mobile until you enter that code, your account will not open or you will not access it If you can, in this way it secures your account.
-Doubles the security of your account

-Protects against unauthorized access

-Makes Online Transaction Safe
Benefits of 2 Step Verification:
if your mobile number is lost or if you do not have your mobile number then you may have trouble logging in because in 2 step verification which OTP It comes on your mobile number.
Disadvantages of 2 Step Verification:
Tips: If you want to protect your account from being hacked, then I would say that you must use 2 step verification, this will make it very difficult to hack your accounts.
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